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Monopolise Vs Monopolize: What’s The Difference?

The words monopolize and monopolize have a few different meanings, but they both basically mean to take control of a situation or market. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Monopolize means to gain an excessive amount of control over something, while monopolize means to actually possess all the resources needed to produce or sell a product or service. The main difference is that monopolize typically implies a negative connotation, while monopolize can have a positive one if it results in efficiency or higher profits.

Definition of Monopolise

Monopolize: to have complete control of (a market or industry)
Monopolize can be used as a verb or a noun. When it is used as a verb, it means to gain control of an industry by using force, intimidation, or monopoly power. Monopolize can also refer to the act of gaining control of something. For example, when a company monopolizes the market for widgets, they are in control of all the widgets in the market.

When it is used as a noun, it means the state of having sole control of an industry or market. For example, Microsoft monopolized the computer software market in the 1990s.

Definition of Monopolize

A monopolize verb means to take over, control, or dominate the market for a product or service. A monopolize verb can also refer to a business practice in which one company has a monopoly on the production or sale of a certain product. The opposite of monopolize is to compete.

The word monopolize is derived from the Latin word meaning “to hold possession of something as one’s own.” Monopolize can be used in a general sense to describe any situation in which one company or individual dominates an area of activity.

For example, a company that monopolizes the supply of water in a city would be able to charge higher prices than companies that competed for customers. The use of the verb monopolize to describe business behavior is usually considered derogatory, because it suggests that the company is abusing its power.

When to Use Monopolise

Monopolize: verb

1. To control (a market or a particular activity) so as to prevent others from doing so.

2. To possess (something) in an excessive or illegal amount.

Ant monopolize: verb

1. To prevent (another person or company) from gaining too much control of a market.

2. To compete successfully against (someone) by producing a similar product, service, or idea.

When to Use Monopolize

Monopolize is used when you want to establish a monopoly in the market. Monopolize is also used as a verb meaning to take control of an industry.

When to Use Monopolize:

If you want to establish a monopoly in the market, use monopolize. Monopolize is also used as a verb meaning to take control of an industry.


The company monopolized the market for laptop computers.

The company monopolized the market for computer software.


When it comes to the English language, there are a few words that often get confused with each other. One of these words is monopolize and the other word is monopolize. Both words have different meanings and are used in different situations, so it’s important to understand their difference before you use them incorrectly.

Monopolize means to take complete control of something, such as a market or an industry. For example, if Microsoft monopolizes the computer software market, this would mean that they control almost all of the sales and distribution of computer software in that market.

Monopolize also has a more negative connotation, meaning that someone is using their power to exploit others. For example, if Google monopolizes the search engine market, this would mean that they are able to charge high prices for their services and restrict access to others who might want to compete with them.

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