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King Cobra vs Green Anaconda Differences and Comparison

King Cobra vs Green Anaconda Differences and Comparison

Only a glance at a snake can make people afraid. Snakes can be venomous or non-venomous, they are fast and expert in camouflaging themselves. They also fascinates some people as they have beautiful scales and are found in vivid colours but don’t forget they are dangerous. King Cobra the largest venomous snake in the world can make anyone pale if encountered.

On the other side, anacondas are the largest non-venomous snake having heavy bodies. They both live in different parts of the world so the possibility of their head to head encounter is negligible. But these snakes interest many people and many would have given thought to the fight between these two. As they both are large snakes having their forte, who would win if an animal duel/snake battle happens between them?? Let’s know about them.

Physical Traits:

How do king cobras look?

King cobras are longest snakes having an average size ranging between 10-12 feet long but they can reach size up to 18 feet and can weigh up to 10 kg. Adult King Cobra can be yellow, green, brown or black having yellowish or white crossbars on its body while the juveniles are jet-black coloured. Its underbelly colour is usually uniform and it might have bars too.      

what do anacondas look like?

Green anacondas are counted among constrictors as they kill their prey by asphyxiating them and they don’t have venomous glands. Anacondas can be dark-olive green, yellow coloured; as they spend most of their time in water their skin is soft and loose to endure water absorption. Their eyes and nose are located on the upper side of the head which makes it capable to breathe and see while being completely submerged in water. They are the largest snakes in the world size varying between 3-12 metres and can weigh more than 250 kg.


Where do king cobras live?

King Cobra are native to Asia; it is found in Northeast India, Southern India, China, Malay Peninsula, Indonesia and the Philippines. King Cobra live in the forest and they prefer to live in humid locations like rain-forests.

Where do Green Anacondas live?

Anacondas are semi-aquatic animals that prefer to live in shallow, slow-moving freshwater, marshes, swamps but they are also found in grasslands, tropical savannahs and rainforests.


What is king cobras favorite food?

King cobras are notoriously known for eating other snake species; however, they do prey on small mammals, birds, fishes etc.

what do anacondas eat?

Green anacondas are apex predators; their diets constitute small mammals, amphibians, fishes, birds but large anacondas do hunt capybaras, caiman and deer.                

Hunting Technique:

How do Anacondas hunt?

Are anacondas venomous? Actually no they are not venomous; boa, anacondas and pythons all are non-venomous constrictors.As green anacondas are constrictors they kill their prey by suffocating them.

How do king cobras hunt?

King cobra is a longest venomous snake, it ambushes and attacks its prey by releasing venom in prey’s body through its fangs. As snakes don’t have chewing teeth they swallow their prey after killing them.

Fun Facts for kids:

Some interesting facts about king cobras?

  • King cobra is not an apex predator as mongoose can kill it. Mongoose is immune to king cobra’s venom.
  • A 20 ft Fully grown king cobra can produce about 550 ml of venom.
  • King Cobras have an excellent vision which makes them capable to see their prey from about three feet.
  • King Cobra hunt other snakes even bigger than its size. that’s why they have different genus

Some interesting facts about anacondas?

  • Anacondas scientific name is eunectes murinus, meaning “good swimmer” in Latin.
  • Anacondas Babies are around 2 feet long when they are born.
  • Anacondas do not lay eggs, but give birth to young ones like mammals.
  • Anacondas are apex predators as they don’t have any natural predator in their habitat while sometimes caimans hunt young anacondas but a fully grown adult anaconda can make caiman its diet.

Python vs Anaconda Who would win?

Interested who would win in a fight Python Vs Anaconda?

The possibility of a natural battle between these two is impossible as both snakes live in different parts of the world. But if in a hypothetical situation, when the battle happens between these two large snakes; it will be the fiercest one. Although king cobra proves to be more fatal against the non-venomous heavy anaconda. When they confront each other King Cobra will try to warn anaconda by flattening its head and making a hissing sound. But still, if anaconda doesn’t back off then it will try to bite the anaconda.

Being heavy and less agile than anaconda will not have any chance to dodge. The fangs of king cobra will inject enough venom in anaconda that it will die. Hence, on any given day King Cobra will surely win the battle; so king cobra is the winner of this duel. Even though they are similar in length measurement an anaconda is a giant and can crush a king cobra.

Comparison Chart: King Cobra vs Anaconda

Comparison Heads Green Anaconda King Cobra
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Class Reptilia Reptilia
Order Crocodylia Carnivora
Family Boidae Elapidae
Genus Eunectes Ophiophagus
Species E. murinus O. Hannah
Size 3-12 feet (males), about 15 feet (females) 9.8-13 feet
Weight 550 lbs in weight About 10 kg
Geographical Distribution Northern United States Asia
Venomous No Yes
Kill through Asphyxiating their prey Inject venom in preys body
Average life span 10-12 years 20 years

Comparison Video: King Cobra vs Anaconda

FAQ’S: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a king cobra kill a python?

    Yes, king cobras occasionally consume large prey such as monitor lizards and even pythons.

  • What can kill a king cobra?

    Mongoose, because the mongoose is immune to its venom it is one of the main predator of the king cobra

  • Can King Cobras constrict?

    Though it is uncommon, cobra constricts its prey using its muscular body

  • Can I buy a king cobra?

    Venomous snakes can kill you, so you need a permit to own a deadly cobra in many states

  • Why is King Cobra not a cobra?

    King cobra’s unique ability to feed on snakes of his own and other snake species classify it with separate genus called Ophiophagus. while cobras are from Naja genus.

  • Do Cobras make good pets?

    king cobras don’t make good pets. besides their extremely potent venom, but they have special dietary needs too not suitable for homes.