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Impact Printer Vs Non Impact Printer: What’s the Difference?

Impact Printer Vs Non Impact Printer: What’s the Difference?

Impact Printer Vs Non Impact Printer: What’s the Difference?

Impact printer vs non impact printer – what’s the difference? When it comes to printing, there are a few key differences between an impact printer and a non-impact printer that you need to be aware of if you’re in the market for one. In this article, we’ll explore the different features and benefits of each type of printer to help you decide which is right for your business.

What is an Impact Printer?

An impact printer is a type of printer that uses an impact to create prints from your text or images. This type of printer is often faster and more efficient than other printers, which makes it a good choice for high-volume printing jobs. Additionally, impact printers have a smaller environmental impact than other types of printers. Impact printers are also popular among businesses that need to print large quantities of documents quickly.

Whereas, A non-impact printer does not use an impact to create prints. Instead, these printers use heat and inkjet technology to create prints. Non-impact printers are slower than impact printers, but they tend to be less expensive and have a lower environmental impact.

What is a Non-impact Printer?

A non-impact printer does not use any physical energy to create printed pages. Instead, it uses an electromagnetic beam to create text or images on a sheet of paper. This type of printer is often used for documents that do not require high-quality printing, like invoices or letters.

How an Impact Printer Prints Documents

An impact printer prints documents by using the force of a sharp object to press ink onto paper. Nonimpact printers use a variety of printing technologies, such as thermal printing and dye sublimation, which do not involve the use of an impact device.

Impact printers are popular for large prints that need to be done quickly and accurately, while nonimpact printers are more commonly used for small prints that can be done more slowly and with less accuracy.

How a Non-impact Printer Prints Documents

Non-impact printers use heat to print documents, while impact printers use a metal plate that punches a hole in the document.

The traditional desktop printer is an impact printer. Impact printers can be more expensive to buy and maintain, but they are usually faster and produce higher-quality prints than non-impact printers.

Differences in Printing Quality

Impact printers produce high-quality prints that are more durable than those made with nonimpact printers.

Impact printers use a built-in feeder that pulls the paper through the printer one sheet at a time, which results in higher quality prints because it prevents ink from spreading and smudging.

Nonimpact printers rely on a printing mechanism that uses pressure and heat to create prints. This method can produce lower-quality prints because the heat can cause the ink to dry out or fade.

Advantages of Impact Printers

Impact printers are more efficient than nonimpact printers when printing documents.

Nonimpact printers rely on the use of a piezoelectric crystal that is heated to create pressure and then used to squirt ink onto paper. Impact printers, however, use an impact force to push ink onto paper.

This results in greater accuracy and less wasted ink. Additionally, impact printers typically have smaller ink reservoirs than nonimpact printers, which means that they are able to print documents faster.

Disadvantages of Impact Printers

Impact printers use a high-pressure cartridge to print documents quickly and accurately.

The downside to this type of printer is that they can create more waste than traditional printers, as well as have a higher initial cost.

Additionally, impact printers do not have the ability to print color images or pages that are thicker than about 0.02 inches.


When it comes to printing, there are two main types of printers: impact and non-impact. Impact printers use a mechanism called an impact screw that literally impacts the paper as it is fed through the printer.

This process is much more expensive than using a non-impact printer, but it produces high-quality prints that look better and last longer. If you are in the market for a new printer, make sure to consider whether or not an impact printer is right for you.