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Apollo HVLP vs Fuji Spray Systems

Apollo HVLP vs Fuji Spray Systems

Apollo HVLP vs Fuji: Comparing HVLP Spray Systems

When it comes to HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray systems, both Apollo and Fuji are reputable brands known for their quality and performance. In this article, we will compare Apollo HVLP and Fuji spray systems, highlighting their features, benefits, and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Apollo HVLP Spray Systems

Apollo is recognized for its advanced HVLP technology and innovative features. Here are some key aspects of Apollo HVLP spray systems:

  1. Turbine Power: Apollo HVLP systems utilize powerful turbines that generate a high volume of air at low pressure, ensuring efficient atomization and paint transfer.
  2. Variable Speed Control: Apollo spray systems often offer adjustable turbine speed controls, allowing users to fine-tune the air pressure and optimize performance based on the specific project requirements.
  3. Precision Spray Gun: Apollo spray guns are designed for optimal control and accuracy. They typically have adjustable fan patterns and fluid controls, enabling users to achieve precise and consistent results.
  4. Versatility: Apollo offers a range of HVLP spray systems suitable for various applications, from automotive refinishing to woodworking and furniture restoration.

Fuji HVLP Spray Systems

Fuji is another well-respected brand in the HVLP spray industry, known for its reliable performance and durable construction. Consider the following characteristics of Fuji HVLP spray systems:

  1. Multi-Stage Turbine: Fuji HVLP systems feature multi-stage turbines that provide consistent air pressure and atomization. The turbines are often designed to operate quietly while delivering sufficient power for professional finishes.
  2. Adjustable Spray Gun: Fuji spray guns typically come with adjustable fluid controls, allowing users to regulate paint flow and achieve different levels of atomization. They often provide a variety of fan patterns for versatility.
  3. Durability: Fuji is renowned for its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, ensuring that their HVLP systems can withstand continuous use and last for a long time.
  4. Portability: Many Fuji HVLP systems are compact and lightweight, making them convenient for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts who may need to move them around frequently.

Considerations for Choosing between Apollo and Fuji

When deciding between Apollo and Fuji HVLP spray systems, several factors may influence your choice:

  1. Budget: Compare the pricing of Apollo and Fuji systems to determine which brand aligns with your budget while offering the desired features and performance.
  2. Project Requirements: Consider the specific applications you will be using the spray system for. Evaluate the features and capabilities of each brand’s models to ensure they meet your project needs.
  3. User Experience: Read reviews and seek feedback from users of both Apollo and Fuji systems to understand their experiences with reliability, ease of use, and overall satisfaction.
  4. Availability: Check the availability of Apollo and Fuji systems in your region, as well as the availability of accessories, spare parts, and customer support.


Both Apollo and Fuji are reputable brands offering high-quality HVLP spray systems. Apollo is known for its advanced technology, precision spray guns, and versatility, while Fuji is recognized for its reliable performance, durability, and portability. Consider your budget, project requirements, user feedback, and availability to make an informed decision. Regardless of your choice, both brands are capable of delivering excellent HVLP spray results.