Octopus vs Squid Differences and Comparison

Overview: Octopus Vs Squid Octopus and squid both belong to the Cephalopod family of aquatic animals and almost looks like. Cephalopod means ‘head footed’ referring to the animals which have their arms/legs directly attached to their heads. However, both are very different when it comes to physical traits, behavioural characteristics, habitat etc. Let’s know about … Read more

Earthworm vs Leech Differences and Comparison

The earthworms are a terrestrial invertebrate belonging to phylum Annelida; they have a tube-like body that is externally segmented with corresponding internal segmentation. Leeches also have segmented body but they are predatory worms and they also belong to the phylum Annelida. As they both belong to the same phylum they have some similarities but still, … Read more