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Procedure Vs Methodology: What’s The Difference?

Procedure Vs Methodology: What’s The Difference?

Procedure Vs Methodology: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to writing, everyone has their own preferred way of approaching a task. Some people prefer a procedural approach, which involves following a set of specific steps in order to produce the desired outcome. Others might prefer a methodological approach, which focuses on developing a comprehensive plan before beginning any writing project. Which method do you prefer? And why?

What is Procedure?

Procedure is a set of steps that need to be followed in order to complete a task. It is a plan or sequence of actions that needs to be followed in order to achieve a specific goal.
Methodology, on the other hand, is the study of the best ways to do something. It can involve looking at various methods and finding the best one for the task at hand. It can also include studying different procedures and choosing the best one for the situation. There are many different types of methodologies, but most fall into one of five categories: scientific, engineering, organizational, project management, or marketing.

What is Methodology?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about the difference between methodology and procedure. So, what is the difference, and why is it important?

Methodology is the overall approach you take when researching a topic or conducting a study. It includes your research methods, data collection techniques, analysis methods, etc. A good methodology will allow you to arrive at valid conclusions based on your data.

Procedures are the specific steps you take to complete a task or achieve a goal. For example, baking a cake might involve stirring the batter, putting it in the oven, and checking on it periodically. Procedures are specific to baking cakes and should not be used in other contexts (e.g., conducting research).

Because methodology is a more comprehensive term than procedure, it’s important to carefully select which technique you’ll use for each task you undertake. If you use the wrong technique, your results may be inaccurate or misleading.

For example, if you conducted research using focus groups instead of quantitative methods, your results would likely be unreliable becausefocus groups don’t work well with quantitative data. Conversely, if you used quantitative methods but didn’t account for participant bias, your study would be invalid. It’s

The Difference Between Procedure and Methodology

When it comes to writing, there is a big difference between procedure and methodology. Procedure is the actual steps that need to be followed in order to complete a task or project, while methodology is the overall approach that a writer takes when writing. In other words, methodology determines how various procedures will be used to produce the desired end result.

So what are the main differences between procedure and methodology? The biggest difference is that procedure is more specific- it tells you exactly what needs to be done in order to complete a task or project. On the other hand, methodology can be more general- it tells you what approaches might be used to achieve a certain goal, but doesn’t provide specifics.

Another important difference between procedure and methodology is that procedure tends to be more rigid- it’s less flexible and allows for less room for improvisation or variation. This means that if something goes wrong with the procedure, it can be harder to fix or adapt. On the other hand, methodology is more open- it’s more flexible and allows for more improvisation and variation. This makes it easier to adapt if something goes wrong, since you can change the approach without having to completely rewrite the whole project or task.

How to Choose the Right Procedure or Methodology for Your Project

There is a lot of confusion on what procedure or methodology to use for a project. The answer depends on the project and the individual or team working on it. Some factors to consider include the following:

1. What is the goal of the project?
2. What are the specific requirements of the project?
3. What are the risks and challenges associated with completing the project?
4. How much resources will be required to complete the project?
5. What are the deadlines for completing the project?
6. What are the costs associated with completing the project?
7. Who will be responsible for completing the project?


When it comes to writing, there are a lot of different things that can be called procedure or methodology. In this article, I want to talk about the difference between the two and why they are important. By understanding the difference between these two terms, you will be better equipped to write effectively and accurately. Ultimately, what matters is not whether you use a procedure or methodology; what matters is how well you use them. So don’t worry if you aren’t 100% sure which term to use – just focus on using good technique!