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Polar Bear vs Siberian Tiger Differences and Comparison

Polar Bear vs Siberian Tiger Differences and Comparison

If you are such an individual then you came at right place my friend; this article will provide sufficient information about the polar bear and Siberian tiger; in the end, you would know who will rise victoriously out of these two.

Physical Traits:

How to Identify a polar bear?

Polar bears are large, stocky, long-necked, round-eared, and short-tailed having furry coat; the skin of polar bear is black with colourless hair which appears to be white. The male bears can weigh up to 410-720 kg having a body length of about 2.4-3 metres and height at the shoulder is approximately 1.3-1.8 metres. Polar bears have large paws that are covered with fur to provide insulated and traction when they walk on snow, ice or frozen rivers. As polar bears have large paws they are excellent swimmers; they also hunt their prey especially seals in the water.

How do Siberian Tigers look?

There are 8 species of tigers out of which the Siberian tiger is the largest one. They can attain a body length of about 3.7 meters and are enormously heavy weighing 423 kg while their female counterparts are 2.4 metres and weigh 170 kg. Tigers are muscular having a thick neck, broad shoulders, strong and powerful limbs. They hunt with their long sharp and retractable claws that tore the skin of their prey easily.

They kill their prey by breaking its neck with their 7.5-10 cm long canines. Siberian Tigers have thick layer of fat and a dense furry coat to protect themselves from the cold harsh climate. Tigers are identified with their distinctive stripe patterns as each tiger has a different stripe pattern; it helps them to camouflage and ambush during the hunt. The perfect combination of these hunting tools make tigers adept killer; they hunt big mammals with their sharp claws, strong jaws, ambushing skills and camouflaging colour.

Behavioural Traits:

What is a polar bear’s behavioral adaptation?

The polar bears live alone; they are solitary animals. They usually meet during mating season or generally females can be seen with their cubs. Polar bears are not territorial; they only fight for prey or mating with females. Although, males are bigger than females; females with cubs are more aggressive than males.

The polar bear is indigenous to the arctic region of the North Pole. They are found in Wrangle Island, western Alaska, northern Alaska, the Canadian archipelago, central Siberia, Svalbard-Franz Josef Land, and Greenland.

Why is Siberian tiger special? Siberian Tiger Traits.

Tigers are solitary animals and live in their territories alone. Tigers are usually nocturnal and hunt during the night; however, they also hunt during the daytime too. When the habitat of Siberian tigers gets covered in snow, they select their route along the frozen rivers. Tigers are great swimmers; they can swim in waters up to 30 km.
Geographical Distribution:

Siberian Tigers are native to Russian territories, in eastern Siberia and northern China. A small population of Siberian also exist in northern china and North Koreas.


Where do all polar bears live?

The scientific name of the polar bear is “Ursus Maritimus” which means maritime bear. They prefer to live in the ice-packed Arctic Ocean. During summers polar bear can travel up to 1,000 km in search of food.

Why do Siberian tigers live?

Siberian Tigers are also well adapted to live in cold regions; they are mainly found in birch forests of Russia, some parts of Northern China and North Korea.


Do polar bears eat Arctic foxes?

The polar bears are omnivorous; they usually consume meat but sometimes they have been seen eating vegetation and fruits. In the Arctic, they feed on different species of seals, arctic foxes, sea birds, fish, walruses, whales scavenge of dead carcass of animals. 

What food do Siberian tigers eat?

Siberian Tigers are carnivores; their diet includes deer, wild boars, elks, bear, small rodent-like squirrels, rabbits etc

Fun Facts for kids:

Polar Bear Facts sheet

  • The polar bears are often attributed and classified as marine animals.
  • When polar bears kill their prey, they only eat the fatty bulbous part having calories and fat.
  • A polar bear’s liver contains very high concentration of vitamin A. Its consumption may lead to disease called hypervitaminosis, which left untreated may result in severe heath issues or even death

Siberian Tiger Facts

  • Siberian or Amur tigers are the world’s largest cats.
  • Tigers hunts down brown and black bears during summer months.
  • Male Tiger can be as long as a station wagon.
  • Siberian Adult Tiger Have the palest orange coat that grows longer and thicker than any other tiger species.
  • Tigers are excellent and powerful swimmers and prefer being around a water source.
  • A female tiger up to 7 cubs every 2 years,Cubs begin hunting with their mother within 8 weeks of their birth.

Polar bear and Siberian Tiger’s Fight.Who will win?

Polar bear and Siberian tigers are the largest members of their respective families. The polar bear is the largest land dwelling predatory mammal whereas Siberian tiger is the biggest and heaviest one of the big cats. Many people want to know who would win if they encounter each other. On the one side, the Polar bear is quite bigger and heavier than the Siberian tiger, having stocky built, large paws and small canines whereas the Siberian tiger is muscular having large canines and sharp retractable claws.

When a confrontation happens between them, the Siberian tiger would kill Polar bear; as they are very agile than the polar bear, they can dodge attacks of the polar bear. Also, tigers are skilled hunters; they use ambush technique to kill their prey; by the time polar bear could have understood what’s happening tiger would have gone for the bear’s neck and bite it which eventually lead to death of polar bear. The majestic Siberian tiger wins the battle against the polar bear; though the polar bear would be the tough opponent for it.

Comparison Chart: Polar Bear vs Siberian Tiger

Comparison Heads Siberian Tiger Polar Bear
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Phylum Chordata Chordata
Class Mammalia Mammalia
Order Carnivora Carnivora
Family Felidae Ursidae
Genus Panthera Ursus
Species P. Tigris U. Maritimus
Found in Russia, Northern China and North Korea Cold Arctic Region
Body Length Around 3.7 m About 2.4-3 metre
Height 75-107 cm (shoulder height) 130-180 cm
Weight 423 kg 450 kg
Running speed 80 km/hr 40 km/hr
Lifespan 14-16 years 25-30 years

Comparison Video: Polar Bear vs Siberian Tiger

FAQ’S: Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Siberian tiger kill a Kodiak bear?

No, Siberian tiger is faster but they maul and bite. Not effective against a kodiak bear at peak physique.

What animal can kill a Siberian tiger?

Cobras,pit vipers and other venomous snakes can easily kill them in their natural habitat.

What are female bears called?

Adult female bears are called sows, weigh about 175 pounds

What type of bear was Baloo?

Baloo, is a sloth bear, is the strict teacher of the cubs of wolf pack

Who would win Kodiak or grizzly?

Kodiak bear will win the fight because its larger size and more stamina than the grizzly bear.

What are 3 types of bears in USA?

Black bears, brown bears (includes grizzlies), and polar bears

8 Bears Species in the world?

Asiatic black bears (moon bears)
Brown bears (include grizzly bears)
black bears (North American)
spectacled bears Andean bears)
Giant pandas
polar bears
Sloth bears
Sun bears.

How many Siberian tiger are left?

About 500 Siberian tigers are left around the world.