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Janitor Vs Custodian: What’s the Difference?

Janitor Vs Custodian: What’s the Difference?

Janitor Vs Custodian: What’s the Difference?

There are many jobs in the world that require individuals to clean up after other people, but what’s the difference between a Janitor and a Custodian? In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these two professions and see how they fit into the larger world of cleaning.


The Janitor is a worker who cleans and maintains buildings. The job requires hard work, quick reflexes, and good organizational skills. The Janitor is responsible for cleaning all types of surfaces, from floors to ceilings to walls.

The Custodian is a worker who maintains buildings and grounds. The job requires strong attention to detail, good communication skills, and the ability to work independently. The Custodian is usually responsible for cleaning building windows, sweeping and mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms.


A custodian is a professional who cleans, maintains, and repairs buildings. Janitorial work is typically cleaning floors, bathrooms, and other surfaces.

The main difference between a janitor and a custodian is that janitors typically do light cleaning while custodians do more heavy cleaning.

Custodians are also typically responsible for managing the building’s cleaning schedule and ensuring that all areas are clean.

The Duties of a Custodian

A custodian is responsible for cleaning up a building or property. This can include sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting. A janitor, on the other hand, is responsible for cleaning up the interior of buildings. They may also be responsible for repairing or restoring equipment.

The Duties of a Janitor

Janitors are responsible for cleaning and maintaining buildings, offices, and other structures. They also clean and sanitize areas. Custodians are responsible for cleaning and caring for the building’s grounds, including washing cars and picking up trash.

The Role of a Janitor

A janitor is typically someone who cleans up after others. They may be responsible for cleaning areas such as the lobby or offices, and may also be assigned specific cleaning tasks, such as cleaning restrooms or floors. A custodian, on the other hand, is typically someone who is in charge of maintaining a building. This might include everything from making sure the floors are clean to keeping an eye on the security system.

There are a few key differences between janitors and custodians that should be taken into account when deciding which role to pursue. For one, janitors typically have less authority than custodians. They are typically not allowed to make changes to the building’s layout or policies, and may only be able to clean specific areas. Custodians, on the other hand, usually have more power and can make changes to the building’s layout as well as manage its security. Additionally, custodians usually have less autonomy when it comes to their work schedule; they are usually required to work set hours each day and cannot adjust their work schedule based on what needs to be done.

The Role of a Custodian

A custodian is a professional who cleans, maintains, repairs and repairs. Custodians work in many settings, including schools, hospitals, businesses and government buildings.

Janitorial work is the most common occupation for custodians. A janitor is someone who cleans and maintains areas in a building. They may do things like clean toilets, mopping floors, removing trash and cleaning windows.

The Different Types of janitorial Services

In today’s society, there are many different types of janitorial services that businesses may need. Some janitorial services include cleaning offices, maintaining a building’s infrastructure, and providing maintenance for equipment. The different types of janitorial services have different requirements, and it is important to choose the right one for your business.

Cleaning offices is a basic janitorial service that most businesses need. This service includes cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, and other areas of the office. Cleaning offices requires basic cleaning supplies such as mops and buckets.

Maintaining a building’s infrastructure is another common type of janitorial service. This service includes cleaning carpets, checking air conditioning and heating systems, repairing broken windows,and more.maintaining a building’s infrastructure requires more technical skills than cleaning offices.

Providing maintenance for equipment is another common type of janitorial service. This service includes installing new carpeting, fixing broken appliances, changing light bulbs, and more. Providing maintenance for equipment requires more technical skills than cleaning offices or maintaining a building’s infrastructure.

The Different Types of custodianial Services

There are many different types of custodians, each with their own specific responsibilities and duties. A janitor is the lowest ranking of custodians and typically works in a cleaning capacity. A custodian may be responsible for cleaning facilities, grounds, or equipment. A security officer is a custodian who is responsible for the safety and security of employees and visitors. They may patrol areas, monitor CCTV footage, respond to security emergencies, and more. A housekeeper is a custodian who cleans individual rooms or entire houses. They may provide laundry services, cook meals, clean bathrooms, and more. A maintenance worker is a custodian who maintains facilities or equipment. They may work on plumbing repairs, changing light bulbs, painting walls, and more.

A custodian has many responsibilities that vary based on their position within the custodial field. Regardless of their title, all custodians must be able to take care of their own hygiene and keep the area in which they work clean and orderly.

What is the difference between a Janitor and Custodian?

A Janitor cleans up after people and cleanliness is their main priority. A Custodian keeps buildings and grounds clean. They may also do some light cleaning, but their main focus is keeping the building or grounds in good condition.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Janitor or Custodian

There are many advantages and disadvantages to having either a janitor or custodian in your workplace. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you need and want from your employees. Here are some of the key factors to consider:

Advantages of having a janitor:

1. They are cheaper than a full-time employee. A janitor typically only costs around $12 an hour, while a full-time employee can cost upwards of $25 an hour.

2. They can be hired on short notice if needed. If something goes wrong and you need someone to come in and clean up, you can easily call a janitor. This is not always possible with full-time employees, as they may already be scheduled for other duties.

3. They can provide quality service on a temporary basis. If you don’t have room for a full-time employee, a janitor can help you out until you do.

4. They are versatile and can cover a variety of tasks. A janitor is not limited to cleaning; they could also be responsible for maintenance, office organization, or even taking care of deliveries or picking up materials from the warehouse.


A janitor typically cleans and maintains office spaces, while a custodian takes care of the building’s mechanical systems, such as HVAC and plumbing. Both jobs require strong cleaning skills and a willingness to work in dirty environments. However, there are some key differences between how these two jobs are performed. A janitor typically does minor repairs on office furniture and equipment rather than replacing them, while a custodian may be responsible for maintaining the entire building’s infrastructure. If you’re interested in pursuing either of these careers, it’s important to understand what each entails before making a decision.