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Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko Comparison

Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko Comparison

Crested Geckos and Leopard Geckos are widely popular reptile pets. They have similar anatomy, however, both these lizards are quite different when it comes to behaviour, habitat, physical characteristics, etc. Here in this article, we will have a faceoff between these two based on their different traits. Let’s know about them. 

What are the physical characteristics of crested gecko?

In comparison to other geckos, crested geckos have a triangular head, large head, large eyes, and ear openings on both sides of the head. Crested geckos got their name due to the presence of a calcareous crest on both sides of the back and eyes. Limbs of crested geckos have four limbs with each limb having four fingers. The body of crested geckos has a very fine-scale covering that is a light tan, reddish-brown, or peach in colour.

Fingers of geckos are padded with the fine hairs called setae which allows them to climb very vertically on any surface with ease. Crested geckos have setae on their tails too which provides them extra support during the climb. Usually, an adult gecko is about 6-7 inches (including tail length) and can weigh around 40-50 grams.

Crested geckos don’t have eyelids; to clean and to keep their eyes moist they lick it. Wild Crested Geckos are of three types or morphs viz.

  • Patternless Crested Geckos having a solid colour that varies from yellow, brown, red, grey with faint or no pattern.
  • Tiger Crested Geckos as the name suggests, these geckos have colouration like a tiger.
  • They have deep-coloured backs having vertical lines running down to their belly.
  • White Crested Geckos are yellow or white-coloured.

How does the leopard gecko look?

Unlike Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos belong to the genus “Eublepharis” which means “true eyelid”; hence the leopard geckoes have fully functional eyelids. Leopard geckos got their names from their pattern having a resemblance to the leopards; they have spotted patterns with a yellow or brown tint. An adult leopard gecko has a height ranging between 8-11 inches and weighs around 54-65 gm.

They have tough skin having bumps. The tail of the leopard gecko is almost equal size to its size. Leopard geckos can regrow tail if lost; however, the new tail will be smaller and slightly asymmetrical than the original one. There are many morphs of leopard geckos some of them are normal, blizzard, tangerine, aberrant, high yellow, etc.

How crested geckos behave? Are they social?

Crested geckos are solitary and nocturnal. During day time, they hide in thick vegetation and when the sun goes down they emerge to hunt. Crested geckos are semi-arboreal, highly agile, and very good at camouflaging themselves. They can climb trees and jump short distances with their setae-covered padded limbs and tails.

What type of behavior leopard geckos have?

Like Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos are also nocturnal. They hide under rocks, in crevices, and burrows during the daytime. Leopard are geckos are usually ground-dwelling species. Just like other reptiles leopard geckos are also cold-blooded they need heat to maintain their body temperature; they absorb heat from the ground.   

What do crested geckos eat?

Crested geckos are omnivores; their diet consists of insects, fruits, nectar, etc.

What are the diet constituents of leopard geckos?

 Leopards Geckos are strictly carnivores; their diet consists of insects, centipedes, beetles, scorpions, etc.

Where crested geckos are found?

Crested Geckos are native to the Island Country of New Caledonia. They are found in the Islands of Grand Terrie, Isle of Pines, and Principal Island.

Leopard geckos are native to which region?

Leopard geckos are mainly found in Asian countries such as Northwest India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

What kind of habitat crested gecko lives in?

Crested Geckos are found in tropical rain forests of New Caledonia.

Where do leopard geckos live?

Leopard geckos prefer to live in arid grasslands, semi-dry, or desert regions.

Amazing Facts for kids:

  • Crested geckos have a tympanic membrane on both sides of the head which appears like ears.
  • Unlike other gecko species, if a crested gecko loses its tail then the tail does not regrow.
  • Crested geckos show colour variations; when they are relaxed their colour turns pale while in the light the colour becomes dark or when they are active.
  • Melanistic leopard geckos also exist; they are completely black with a white-coloured belly. However, they are very rare and are raised in captivity.
  • In captivity, leopard geckos can also eat pinkies or newborn mice.
  • Leopard geckos can live up to 30 years in captivity.   

Faceoff: Reptile Battle: Who would win?

Based on the above information, we can say that both these lizards are quite distinct; however, when it comes to the faceoff between them it is really hard to predict the winner. When it comes to weight and size leopard geckos are ahead of a crested gecko.

As both these species are playful and docile; they don’t show much. Also, they live in different halves of the world so the possibility of natural encounter is close to nil. Only based on size and weight we can predict the leopard gecko is the winner of the faceoff.

Video Comparison: Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko – Head To Head

Comparison Table: Crested Gecko vs Leopard Gecko

Comparison HeadsCrested GeckosLeopard Geckos
HabitatTropical RainforestsArid grasslands, semi-dry or dry deserts.
Weight45-50 gm54-65 gm
Body Length6-7 inch8-11 inch
ColorationVary depending on Morph. Naturally 3 morphs are found.Vary; Naturally there are six different morphs are found.
Hunts duringNight; NocturnalNight; Nocturnal
Lifespan4-5 years in wild; 15-20 years in captivity.4-5 years in wild; 20-30 years in captivity