Elk Vs Deer: What’s the Difference?

Elk Vs Deer: What’s the Difference? Elk vs Deer: what’s the difference? In this article, we will explore these two iconic animals and their differences in detail. We’ll look at their habitats, behavior, and diet, and then compare and contrast the two species to see which is better for you. What is an Elk? An … Read more

Lion vs Tiger Differences and Comparison

tiger vs lion

Overview: Lion vs Tiger Lion and Tiger are counted among large mammals and belongs to the big cat family. They are the most ferocious apex predator roaming on earth. Both lion and tiger belong to the Felidae family and genus Panthera.  Lions are mainly found in the grasslands of savannah and they rarely live in … Read more

Whale vs Dolphin Differences and Comparison

whale vs dolphin

Overview: Whale vs Dolphin The two aquatic mammal viz. dolphins and whales are easy to recognize due to their distinctive features. Both of them belong to cetaceans; they have different abilities, strengths, intelligence, and physiology. The most astonishing fact to know about is that, dolphins are smaller whales. These fascinating animals got a lot for … Read more

Mammoth vs Mastodon Differences and Comparison

mammoth vs mastodon

Overview: Mammoth vs Mastodon Mammoths belong to the proboscideans order of the trucked mammals; they are species of extinct elephantid genus Mammuthus.  Mammoths were enormous; they had long-curved tusks, furry long hairs. Mastodons also belong to proboscideans order and are species of extinct genus Mammut’s. Mastodons were similar in size to elephants but had large … Read more

Turtle vs Tortoise Differences and Comparison

tortoise vs turtle vs terrapin

Overview: Turtle Vs Tortoise Vs Terrapin Turtle and Tortoise are often used as interchangeable words but they both belong to wholly different animals. Turtles and Tortoises are hard-shelled reptiles of the Testudines order but belong to different families. The major dissimilarity between these two is that turtles live in water (most of the time) whereas … Read more

Dog vs Wolf Differences and Comparison

Greay wolf vs dog

Overview: Dog vs Wolf Some people may get surprised to know that dogs and wolves share the same ancestral species of an extinct wolf. Both dogs and wolves belongs to the Canidae family and share 98.8% of the DNA. They look alike but have different proclivity, temperament, attacking skills, etc. Dogs are known as “best … Read more