Whale vs Dolphin Differences and Comparison

whale vs dolphin

Overview: Whale vs Dolphin The two aquatic mammal viz. dolphins and whales are easy to recognize due to their distinctive features. Both of them belong to cetaceans; they have different abilities, strengths, intelligence, and physiology. The most astonishing fact to know about is that, dolphins are smaller whales. These fascinating animals got a lot for … Read more

Octopus vs Squid Differences and Comparison

Overview: Octopus Vs Squid Octopus and squid both belong to the Cephalopod family of aquatic animals and almost looks like. Cephalopod means ‘head footed’ referring to the animals which have their arms/legs directly attached to their heads. However, both are very different when it comes to physical traits, behavioural characteristics, habitat etc. Let’s know about … Read more

Dolphin vs Porpoise Differences and Comparison

Are dolphins and porpoises both mammals? Dolphins and Porpoises belong to the Cetacean order of marine mammals. They are widely known due to their cute and cuddly look; often people misattribute them as a similar creature as they bear a strong resemblance to each other. However, dolphin and porpoise are very different from each other. … Read more