Raven vs Crow Differences and Comparison

raven vs crow

People often get confused between a raven and a crow; they attribute both as the same bird due to their strong resemblance to each other but they are wholly different birds. Both ravens and crows are highly intelligent birds; however, they have different behavior, physical traits, habitats, etc. It would be interesting to know who … Read more

Ostrich vs Emu Differences and Comparison

Ostriches and Emus are counted among the largest flightless birds. Both of them have strong muscular legs, heavy body and long neck. Did a question ever crossed your mind, who would win if they come face to face and a battle happen between them? However, their geographical distribution doesn’t overlap; they are found in different … Read more

Falcon vs Hawk Differences and Comparison

hawk vs falcon

Overview: Falcon vs Hawk Falcons, eagles, hawks, vultures are widely known as raptors, the word “raptor” find its origin from the Latin word “raptare” which means “to seize and carry off”. These birds attack their prey, seize or grab them and fly away. It is easy to identify them but falcons and hawks look alike. … Read more

Peacock vs Turkey Differences and Comparison

Peacock and Turkey are two large land-dwelling birds. Both are very distinct birds and can easily differentiated based on difference in looks. But what would happen if they encounter each other in wild; who would win? As they live in different halves of the world; the natural encounter between them is nearly impossible. To determine … Read more